The Steps To Build A Website

Step 1 - Communication

Welcome to step one! Steps to build a website a quite simple. During this step we communicate with you and your team to get information about your company. You know your business best, so let us dress-up your business with branding and the look and feel. This is where we get as much content, images, idaeas, even colors or logo ideas that you'd like for your business.

Step 2 - Project Creation

We have gotten the materials,content, images and information about your business. Now we can start your company project. BlueSky Digital Design uses creativity, eye-for-design for your projects. During this time you can sit back and do what you do best - your job. We will do what we do best, and that is creating something for your company that represents your brand, and most of all something that you love. During this step we create knowing that there might be tweaks and updates that need to be made, but with the mindset that we want to put out something that excites you about your business brand. On to the next step!

Step 3 - Updates & Adjustments

In the previous steps BlueSky Digital Design has communicated with your company, gotten your vision along with any material needed to create the vision, and brought your project to life with the information given. During this step we send you what we have come up with for you to take a look at. Once you look at the project, we understand you might want updates or adjustments made to make your brand absolutely amazing . BlueSky Digital Design is more than willing to make those updates and adjustments and even suggest other changes during this time using our years of experience in this field. We take the time and effort to get it right. On to the next step!

Step 4 - Optimizing Your Project

The last step was all about making the adjustments that will help take your web project to the next level. In this step BlueSky Digital Design optimizes everything from images, to code, to SEO, and content. Much of what we do is "under the hood" and behind the scenes, and mostlikely won't be noticed to the everyday user - but it is important! Optimizing will help your company build an audience and achieve it's goals quickly and efficiently. On to the next step!

Step 5 - Going Live For All To See

This is most likely the step that companies are the MOST excited about, and with good reason - your project goes LIVE! Now you have an audience and potential clients can find your business. Feel good about seeing what you helped us build for your business. Hardwork pays off! Show-off your business, be proud, now you have something to represent your brand. This is a BIG step into driving traffic and giving audiences awareness of what your company can provide. Last step...

Step 6 - On-Going Support

BlueSky Digital Design stands by our clients projects for the long haul if you choose on-going maintenance with us. This includes regular site maintenance, security monitoring and future updates in case you want to freshen-up your project for the time of year, special event, holiday, or just because. BlueSky Digital Design is happy to support all of your needs. All projects we build, design, develop for our clients we treat as if they are our own "babies." We are here to make sure everything is to your satisfaction.

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At BlueSky Digital Design you are getting top web designers in Milwaukee that are ready to work for you! We are local, born in the USA, with our homebase in Milwaukee Wisconsin. You will get help from real web designers who love creating a great product for your business. Going through the Creative Process and the steps to build a website together makes your finished product that much better. Communication is key! We will be there for you every step of the way.

BlueSky Digital Design's focus is on creating attractive, visually stunning, effective, and affordable web solutions that will add value to your business. We help provide a distinct advantage over the competition by not taking shortcuts and taking your brand design to a new level. Web designer cost? All our costs are on our website for your creative website design. By working with the proven, best, latest technologies while keeping the focus on your business goals your new web project will add HUGE value to your business and see the results of effective web solutions when they are implemented.