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BlueSky Digital Design partners with small and medium-sized businesses on a wide range of Web Solution needs. Being one of the top web designers in Milwaukee, we also offer graphic design, brand design, marketing, business solutions. We care about the work that we do, and it shows. Having your company have a web presence is important in today’s business world. BlueSky Digital Design will help you achieve that.

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Customer Service

We try and make the web solutions experience as simple and easy as possible. We seek out your needs and exceed them in every possible way. It means that when you call us, we respond; when you email, you get a response in no time. BlueSky Digital Design will make a point to leave room in our schedules so we’re immediately available to you. You can always turn to us for the great brand design, web design you need to take your business to the next level. Stop wasting time & money on a website that doesn’t work and looks terrible! Let us build the website of your dreams. We are Milwaukee web design with WordPress! Get the support you need without having to sweat.


At BlueSky Digital Design we let our work speak for itself. We create websites for any type of industry. If you have a business it’s important you have a website! We don’t try to sell you anything you don’t need, and we will never charge you for brand design, web design that we feel isn’t necessary for your business model. Take a look at some of our work!

Custom Websites Created for Any And All Types Of Business

Custom Websites Created Step-By-Step

Fast Turnaround

BlueSky Digital Design does all the work, and quickly, so you can focus on your business.

Need a responsive web design project fast? BlueSky Digital Design can create creative websites and projects with a quick turnaround. No ugly websites! Our top web designers in Milwaukee will take good care of the look and the feel for you so your brand design is on point. We can do this because we layout the easy steps that we need from your business so that we can leave you alone to do your job, and we can do ours- and that is create visually stunning custom web page design, web solutions that function great and represent your business the way it should be represented.

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Hey, Nice To Meet You Let Us Learn About You

Welcome to step one! Your web project is your brand and your brand should be unique. We gain an understanding of the goals your web project is intended to accomplish by asking you to give us some information, images, and direction you want to go. We can brand and give your company identity from the materials that you give us. On to the next step!

Now Sit Back, Relax While We Create

Now that we have the materials and information from you, we can get to work. It is time for us to create a beautiful web project with a quick turnaround. Now you can relax and do your job, and we will do what we are best at. For us to be creative, we lose the fear of being wrong. We love what we do, and it shows in our work. On to the next step!

Champions Make Adjustments We Fine Tune Our Work

Working with you to make your web project great is what we do. We send you what we have done for you to take a look. Any adjustments we need to make in order to achieve the best performance is encouraged. We're not perfect, but working together we can come dangerously close on your project. On to the next step!

Quality Means Doing It Right Time To Optimize

After we make the adjustments that turn your web project from awesome to amazing, we optimize everything from images, to code, to SEO, and content. This will help your project achieve it's goals quickly and efficiently. On to the next step!

3… 2… 1… We Have Lift-Off!!!Your Project Is Live

It's a BIG STEP, I know! Your project is live for the public to see. Be proud, show off what you helped achieve. Welcome it when your audience is in awe. Great feeling isn't it? It satisfies us when we have happy customers. We like helping buinesses succeed. Last step...

Projects Are Never Finished On-Going Support

We believe that a great web project is never finished. We stand by our clients projects for the long haul if you choose on-going maintenance with us. We do regular site maintenance, security monitoring and future updates. We love what we do so we are happy to support. All projects we build, design, develop for our clients we treat as if they are our own "babies." We are here to make sure everything is to your satisfaction.


Yes, We Actually List Our Pricing

Looking for brand design, web design pricing? BlueSky Digital Design has nothing to hide when it comes to price. Unlike other web companies that do not list their pricing in fear of losing potential clients, or adding extra fees, we are upfront about our website design pricing. Our pricing is fair, competitive, and easy to understand.


In the present aggressive market, organizations need a solid web presence to stand out on the web. Having a strong company look, good content, and a great looking creative website sets the stage for you to start effectively promoting your business, products, and services, paying little heed to the size your business or kind of ventures you serve. We offer web design, web development, logo design, brand design services that can help you with this. Stick out from the crowd today!

Creative Digital Solutions for your business

Top-Notch Web Services for your business



Your website is the main attraction of your brand and communication of your business. An effective website can help you reach your audience and generate new opportunities.

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We can elevate your companies brand with consistent design in digital/print, email templates, social media creatives, graphics & more.

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Having a great logo is the best first impression. BlueSky Digital Design can create a logo for your business so you can have an effective identity for your business.

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We can do content management and updates along with post launch support to help keep your website up-to-date.

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We assist in allowing search engines to find your website. Don’t miss out on opportunities with people not knowing about your great company.

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BlueSky Digital Design offers web hosting that’s fast, secure, and backed by dedicated high-performance servers in-house.

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